About Shower Manifestations

What is Shower Manifestations™ Affirmations?

Shower Manifestations™ are A4 waterproof Affirmation posters that are  based on the law of attraction. Each plastic affirmation set is accompanied by a suction cup to affix your affirmations to your favourite place!  A great time to say positive affirmations to yourself is when you are in the shower.  Have them shipped to you anywhere in the world!

So, what’s the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is just one of the laws that govern our universe.

In an interview with Larry King, Oprah Winfrey described the success that the Law of Attraction and affirmations brought into her life. In fact, Oprah credits her understanding of it with much of her success in life. And she’s not the only famously successful person to use the system either.

Your awareness of the Law of Attraction can change your LIFE!

‘Don’t underestimate this simple yet effective program, this is powerful stuff. In the morning, as you take a shower or bath affirm to yourself all the positive things you wish for:  Today my day flows easily and happily;  I am full of energy and vitality; everything wonderful comes to me easily and effortlessly;  I have a great life; I am in harmony with the world’ – Shane Reynolds

This routine will profoundly change your day, especially if you make this a habit — every morning or night, or both, you can’t wait to say your positive affirmations as you brush your teeth, wash your hair… It’s such a little thing to do, but it delivers so much for your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

Shane Reynolds is the founder of Shower Manifestations™. Shane is an Australian writer and producer,
best known for his works, ‘Reprogram your Life’ published by his mentor the late Louise Hay. Shane is a certified Heal Your Life® Leader who is licensed by Hay House and authorised by Louise Hay to continue her teaching.