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About Shower Manifestations™

Welcome to Shower Manifestations, a platform created by Shane St Reynolds. Our journey began with Shane’s personal experiences of loss and hardship, which shaped his profound understanding of the power of affirmations and prayers. In his early adulthood, Shane faced the heartbreaking loss of his best friend and the tragic suicide of his partner. It was during this dark period that he embarked on a healing journey, discovering the transformative potential of positive affirmations and prayers.

Shane found solace and strength by incorporating these practices into his daily routine, particularly in the sacred space of the shower. What started as a personal remedy for depression soon blossomed into the Shower Manifestations we know today. Our mission is simple yet profound: to assist individuals in healing their hearts, one at a time.

To share his insights and help others on their own healing journeys, Shane the founder of the Universal Church Of Love, has authored two impactful books: “Reprogram Your Life” and “Faith & Sexuality.” These books delve into his personal experiences, recounting his path towards finding inner peace and success in a challenging world. By sharing his story, Shane hopes to inspire others to embark on their own transformational journeys.

At Shower Manifestations, we believe in embracing diversity and recognizing the unique spiritual paths each person undertakes. It is with this understanding that we offer both prayers and affirmations, catering to individuals with various forms of spirituality. We aim to create a space where everyone feels included and empowered, fostering a sense of unity in our shared quest for healing.

Our heartfelt desire is to assist you in transforming your life and bringing positive change to your world. We extend our blessings and sincerest wishes for your personal growth and well-being.

With warm regards,

The Shower Manifestations Team

We can also provide white label collaboration opportunities for our products, offering customization in various sizes and shapes. Please reach out to us.

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